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DS9034PCI+ Specifications

  • Type
  • Supplier Device Package
    34-PowerCap Module
  • Package / Case
    34-PowerCap™ Module
  • Mounting Type
    Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature
    -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Battery Chemistry
    Lithium Cell
  • Packaging
  • Product Status
  • Series
The DS9034PCI+ is an integrated circuit chip developed by Maxim Integrated. It is specifically designed for use in secure microcontroller systems and offers several advantages and application scenarios. Some of these include:1. Security: The DS9034PCI+ provides robust security features, making it suitable for applications that require secure data storage and communication. It supports cryptographic algorithms and provides tamper detection and response mechanisms.2. Authentication: The chip supports various authentication protocols, such as challenge-response authentication, mutual authentication, and secure key exchange. This makes it suitable for applications that require secure access control and user authentication.3. Secure Key Storage: The DS9034PCI+ offers secure key storage capabilities, allowing the storage of cryptographic keys in a tamper-resistant manner. This is essential for applications that require secure key management, such as secure communication systems and digital rights management.4. Tamper Detection: The chip includes tamper detection mechanisms that can detect physical attacks or unauthorized access attempts. It can trigger responses, such as erasing sensitive data or disabling the chip, to protect against tampering.5. Secure Communication: The DS9034PCI+ supports secure communication protocols, such as secure messaging and secure data exchange. This makes it suitable for applications that require secure communication channels, such as payment systems, secure IoT devices, and smart card applications.6. Hardware Integration: The chip can be easily integrated into existing microcontroller systems, providing a secure hardware platform for various applications. It supports standard communication interfaces, such as SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), making it compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers.Overall, the DS9034PCI+ integrated circuit chip offers enhanced security features, secure key storage, tamper detection, and secure communication capabilities. It is suitable for applications that require secure data storage, authentication, secure communication, and protection against physical attacks.