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Texas Instruments







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SRC4382IPFBR Specifications

  • Type
  • Mounting Type
    Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature
    -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
  • Voltage - Supply
    3V ~ 3.6V
  • Interface
    I²C, SPI
  • Number of Channels
  • Product Status
  • Packaging
    Cut Tape (CT)
  • Packaging
    Tape & Reel (TR)
  • Series
The SRC4382IPFBR is a high-performance integrated circuit chip designed for audio applications. Some of its advantages and application scenarios include:1. High-quality audio processing: The SRC4382IPFBR chip offers advanced audio processing capabilities, including sample rate conversion, digital audio filtering, and volume control. It ensures high-quality audio output with minimal distortion and noise.2. Sample rate conversion: The chip supports sample rate conversion, allowing audio signals to be converted between different sample rates without affecting the audio quality. This feature is useful in scenarios where audio signals from different sources or devices need to be synchronized.3. Digital audio filtering: The SRC4382IPFBR chip includes digital audio filters that can remove unwanted noise, artifacts, or interference from the audio signal. This helps in enhancing the audio quality and improving the overall listening experience.4. Volume control: The chip provides precise volume control capabilities, allowing users to adjust the audio output level according to their preferences. This is particularly useful in audio systems where multiple audio sources are connected, and individual volume control is required.5. Audio equipment and systems: The SRC4382IPFBR chip finds applications in various audio equipment and systems, including home theater systems, professional audio equipment, soundbars, audio receivers, and digital audio workstations. It can be used for audio signal processing, sample rate conversion, and audio enhancement in these systems.6. Multimedia devices: The chip can be integrated into multimedia devices such as smartphones, tablets, and portable media players to improve the audio quality and provide advanced audio processing capabilities. It enables these devices to deliver high-fidelity audio output and support various audio formats.7. Automotive audio systems: The SRC4382IPFBR chip is suitable for automotive audio systems, where it can be used for audio signal processing, sample rate conversion, and noise filtering. It helps in delivering immersive audio experiences in vehicles and ensures optimal audio performance even in noisy environments.Overall, the SRC4382IPFBR integrated circuit chip offers high-performance audio processing capabilities and finds applications in a wide range of audio equipment and systems, enhancing the audio quality and user experience.